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Luke’s work experience at Matrix Chambers

When I applied for work experience at Matrix Chambers, I wasn’t sure what to expect: Would I get anything out of the week? Would I still be interested in law after a week of work? Would I be a nuisance to the current employees? However now I have completed the 5 days I can convincingly answer these questions.

I have most certainly learnt a lot from matrix regarding many different types of law and especially what it’s like to be a barrister. Furthermore I’ve learnt skills which I will be able to apply into any future work through tasks I did whilst with Matrix, such as the mock interview. I can also say that matrix has furthered my interest in law and shown me what it would be like to work in many different roles, in a chambers. This has stemmed from court cases I went to such as a visit to the Old Bailey to see an attempted murder case! Ultimately this has given me a desire to pursue a career in this field of work. Finally, I can say I was not a nuisance, the employees at matrix kindly welcomed me with respect as if I was an actual member of their team. Everyone had time for me when I had a question and were always willing to explain what their role at Matrix Chambers consisted of.

If you have any interest in law however big or small I would recommend work experience at Matrix Chambers, it will be interesting, insightful and useful for you future working life.

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April 15, 2016 at 7:58 pm, Dave said:

This was really interesting to read, great insight into life at Matrix and what you offer to work experiences students. It sounds like Luke learnt a lot and really grew as an individual #OnceInALifetime #Proud


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