Month: February 2016

Heathrow 13 spared immediate jail sentences for runway protest

13 climate change activists from the protest group Plane Stupid have escaped immediate jail terms. The Heathrow 13, consisting of six women and seven men, were charged with aggravated trespass and sentenced to six weeks in jail suspended for 12 months. In July last year, the group cut a hole in the perimeter fence of […]

Exclusive interview with Sir Anthony Hooper in LawInSport

Sir Anthony Hooper has been interviewed for LawInSport by their CEO, Sean Cottrell, regarding the IAAF investigation. Within this interview, among other topics, Sir Anthony reflects on the difficulties faced by investigators for sporting federations, how the role of whistleblowers in sport should develop and the characteristics and expertise needed to be a good independent […]

Investigatory Powers Tribunal rules that GCHQ hacking was legal

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has ruled that computer network exploitation (CNE), which can include remotely activating cameras and microphones on electronic devices without the owner’s knowledge, is legal. A panel of five members of the IPT ruled in favour with GCHQ and the Foreign Office, dismissing claims by campaign group Privacy International that the […]