“My work experience placement at Matrix has been insightful”

My name is Mandip, I am currently in my first year of A-Levels and I am hoping to read law at university and aspire to become a solicitor. My work experience placement at Matrix has been insightful as well as pleasant as it has been a very beneficial experience as it enabled me to gain an insight to how a career in law would be like through the numerous tasks instructed to me during the placement.

Meeting Andrew Smith, a barrister who works in a series of different laws including employment law; discrimination law as well as sports and commercial law, was really good as he was very interesting to talk to regarding the different types of laws he practises in. As I wanted to pursue a career in commercial law and as Andrew practices in the specific area, I was able to ask him various questions regarding commercial law. As you would assume I had countless numbers questions to ask him but one question I was determined to ask him was what is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor which he was happy to answer.

On Tuesday, I accompanied Guy Vassal-Adams to a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, specifically the Court of Appeal. It was concerning an incident in where the media should be granted CCTV footage access to an incident in where a man with a specific medical condition has passed away due to certain circumstances. The case was very intensive as well as challenging to comprehend due to the excessive use of legal terms but I was able to follow the case as I was given a skeleton argument beforehand which aided to me to understand the context of the case.

Ultimately, I strongly believe that the week’s work experience placement at Matrix Chambers assisted me vastly as it aided me identify what specific law I would like to specialise in and whether I would be apt to a career in law. With the assistance and encouragement I received from the week’s work experience placement in addition to the opportunity to go to the Royal Courts of Justice and meeting with different barristers, my desire to become a solicitor has been enhanced as well as reinforced. I am very thankful to Matrix for enabling me to have the opportunity to be part of the work experience programme.