Looking for Work Experience? Here’s some advice.

Isabelle is 16 years old and she spent this week with us on Work Experience. She is currently studying English Lit, History, Law and Music in her first year of A-Levels. We asked Isabelle what advice she would give to others looking to gain Work Experience.

“The advice I would offer to future students looking to gain work experience is to definitely apply to Matrix. The work experience has been vital in helping me to decide that a career in law is what I want to do when I’m older. I think it is important to undertake some work experience in a chambers to understand how it works, and know whether or not you would want to study law in the future.

I think it is important to have an understanding of careers in law because, if you want to be a barrister/solicitor, you have to study for many years in further education and you should be certain that you want this career, as it is very competitive and requires a lot of dedication.

People doing their A-Levels who are interested in a career in law should look for work experience as soon as possible, as for the most prestigious law firms there is a long waiting list. I think it is crucial to have some work experience before deciding to read law at university or taking the GDL/CPE if doing a non-qualifying law degree.

Matrix Chambers is an interesting place to do work experience as there is always so much going on that life is never boring in the office!”