Interview with our Work Experience, Michael

Each week we try and have a quick chat with our Work Experience students. This week we found out a little more about Michael who spent the week with us.

1. How did you first find out about the work experience programme and how did you apply?
I first heard about Matrix’s work experience programme through my careers adviser at school. It was clear from then that a work placement at Matrix is highly sought after and would be greatly beneficial in gaining an insight into the legal profession. Matrix has its own application system which I made use of – a process which was quick and straightforward. They were quick to respond, and I soon had a week booked in!

2. What made you apply to Matrix Chambers work experience programme?
Personally, I always knew I wanted to study law at university and go on to become a lawyer. It was the question of becoming either a solicitor or barrister which was on my mind, and I was sure that a week at Matrix would help me decide.

3. What sparked your interest in law?
For me, there was no epiphany moment in deciding to become a lawyer or to study law. It took careful consideration until I was one hundred percent sure that this was the career path I wanted to follow. Being here at Matrix in the midst of university applications has secured my confidence in making the right choice.

4. What interests you about working in law?
As well as being an academically rigorous subject that always offers a challenge, working in the legal profession appeals to me because of the attention to detail, the breadth of knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge on a daily basis.

5. Which area(s) of law inspire you the most?
Working at Matrix has increased my interest in criminal law, as a result of having opportunities to visit the Royal Courts of justice and the Old Bailey. In addition, I’ve also had a keen awareness of jurisprudence, human rights and the philosophy of law.

6. What has been the highlight of your week at Matrix?
Watching a drugs trial in action where the defendant had been accused of the possession and distribution of cannabis has been the highlight for me. It was a complex but uncomplicated case.

7. How has working at Matrix inspired you in terms of future careers?
Being at Matrix has increased my overall awareness of what goes on in a chambers and how barristers work, not only in court but also at the office in preparation of cases. In terms of inspiration, working here has certainly confirmed by interest in studying law and has given me a greater respect for the amount of work and responsibility that barristers and practice staff undergo.

8. What responsibilities, as a work experience student, have you been given?
Over the past week, I’ve had opportunities to contribute to many aspects of work here at Matrix, including marketing, assisting with the legal information team, research and general administration tasks.

9. Describe your week at Matrix in one word.