Sorcha’s week at Matrix

During my week doing Work Experience at Matrix, I have participated in a range of activities and tasks, exploring all different areas of law. On two occasions I went to court; one case was a Judicial Review and the other was a procedural case on the subject of the Iraqi war. Both were completely different cases which reflected the range of subjects associated and explored in ‘law’. During the Judicial Review I got to experience an exciting case about an Angolan child soldier, where I got to shadow Adam Sandell. Adam gave detailed insight into the case’s history in order to help me understand the complicated proceedings happening in court. Not only did he help me with this particular case, but also explained some related cases to my interests of working with youth in ‘law’, which further developed my interest in this matter and gave me some background information in to the types of cases I could happen to participate in, in the future.

Other tasks during my time at Matrix have included admin work and being involved in a Year 9 Open Day with a local school that Matrix supports, encouraging students to become involved in the legal profession. I also got to spend an afternoon with a trainee, Anita Davies, in which she described to me the training process, the options throughout university, and many other things that could benefit me in my hope to pursue a law career.

I think the best part of my week at Matrix has been being able to experience the different aspects of law; having previously only thought of being a solicitor or barrister, I now understand the process and alternative options you can take in a law career.

The next step I hope to take in my life is to finish my A-Levels, travel and go to university to study Criminology, or a Social Science to understand the social needs of young children, (especially those with a difficult start to life) and then take a conversion course in law to specialise in becoming a solicitor.