“One of the best weeks I have ever spent…”

This week we had Lucy with us. Here’s how she found her week:

“My week at Matrix Chambers has confirmed to me that reading law at university this September was absolutely the right decision. I was very nervous on my first day as to what to expect but it did not take long for me to feel welcomed by both staff and barristers, and also very lucky to have received a place in such a professional environment.

On my first and second days I had the most exciting opportunity to shadow Hugh Southey QC in the Supreme Court over a case surrounding prison law. Hugh was absolutely fantastic in presenting his case both passionately and professionally and when the Justices asked questions he seemed to already know most of the answers. Due to the fact that I’m a small town country girl, this was such an overwhelming experience for me, and I even had lunch with Hugh and his junior where I got to further understand what a barrister does. My week was made even better on the Wednesday when I got to speak to the fees team and learn how the chambers co-operated and helped each other. On top of this, I then had a coffee with Jessica Jones (one of Matrix’s trainees) and had a real insight in to the path from receiving your degree up until being qualified as a barrister, which gave me a lot of guidance in what to do at this stage.

Overall, this experience has been influential to me in both understanding the law in reality and giving me an opportunity I would never have received otherwise. It has been one of the best weeks I have ever spent and has dedicated me further to a degree in law, perhaps even Human Rights law which Matrix specialises in. I will never forget this opportunity and I cannot thank the chambers enough for everything I have got out of this week. For anyone young who is contemplating law as a career, Matrix should be your first choice to apply for, especially if you believe you wouldn’t get the opportunity otherwise. Probably the only downside is that you won’t want to leave!”