Work Experience observes a variety of high profile cases in court

Henry, aged 15, comments on the cases he was able to observe in court during his week at Matrix: “My work experience at Matrix was both informative and enjoyable. To start the week I was given the unique opportunity to view the John McCririck versus Channel 4 tribunal. The experience was captivating and gave an interesting insight on the work and life of a barrister. The second case I had the pleasure to attend was a commercial dispute to the location of a future court case; this enlightening experience gave me a brief look at commercial law. The final case I attended was situated in the Royal Courts of Justice, a stunning gothic building on Fleet Street. The case was short but even small experiences like these are worth viewing as they are compelling and give a great example of what life is like as a barrister. To anyone pondering the possibility of Work Experience at Matrix and who is interested in law, I highly recommend it as experiences like this are hard to come by.”