Lydia’s week at Matrix

Lydia sums up her week at Matrix: “My four days of work experience at Matrix have been extremely interesting as well as a learning experience. To start with, I sat in the public gallery for John McCririck’s case against Channel 4 at the London Employment Tribunal, which was fascinating. The complexities of what on the surface seemed to be a simple case made me aware of the level and range of skills needed to be a successful barrister. Sitting in on a commercial case with Antony White QC changed my views on commercial Law; rather than being extremely complicated and boring I found the case gripping and was able to understand many of the arguments. In the Practice Room at Matrix I was able to experience the day-to-day workings of a barrister chambers and all the work needed to support the barristers. Reading through high-profile cases and judgments exposed me to a wide range of areas of Law. Comparing the actual judgments and the news reports of the cases highlighted the intricate workings of our legal system. Overall, I have learnt a lot during my week, further increasing my enthusiasm for pursuing a career at the Bar.”