Sa’ada’s thought-provoking week at Matrix

Last week, Sa’ada, aged 17, joined us for the week. Here is how they found it: “My week at Matrix was highly valuable as I believe it has fuelled my determination to read Law at University and has exhorted me to pursue the barrister profession. I applied for Matrix Work Experience because I wanted to ascertain crucial information about law to improve my chances in becoming a successful lawyer in the future and I believe that Matrix Work Experience did not fail to do just that. I had many misconceptions about law but Eloise Le Santo, a Trainee at Matrix, debunked many of these and I am truly grateful for this, as I believe that this invaluable information will greatly improve my chances in securing a place at University to read Law. I was also able to attend a court case that was thought-challenging and thought-provoking; I shadowed Andrew Smith, a barrister at Matrix, and his laudable rebuttals and his closing argument truly inspired me and confirmed to me that the legal profession is well suited to my capabilities. I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone at Matrix for making my experience truly enjoyable and I am very grateful.”