How was your Work Experience at Matrix?

“My week at Matrix was both interesting and enjoyable. I have learnt what a barrister does and I visited a court, which taught me what it is like to represent someone in court. I had the chance to have a coffee with a trainee barrister at Matrix, who answered any questions I had and also advised me on what was best for me to do if I was considering a career in law. I also got to experience commuting in and out of London and what it was like actually going to work on a daily basis, which I think was really valuable for me to see. Of course, I did do some filing and paperwork in the office but it was not as boring as I thought it would be as all the staff at Matrix are really friendly and nice. Overall I would recommend Work Experience at Matrix to anyone who is interested in finding out anything about law or who is considering a career in it; it is very useful.” Katie, aged 15.