Lydia’s week at Matrix

Lydia sums up her week at Matrix: “My four days of work experience at Matrix have been extremely interesting as well as a learning experience. To start with, I sat in the public gallery for John McCririck’s case against Channel 4 at the London Employment Tribunal, which was fascinating. The complexities of what on the […]

Week at Matrix finalises student’s decision to become a barrister

“My week at Matrix was short but one of the best experiences of my life. It enhanced my general knowledge and skills a great deal and finalised my decision to become a barrister when I’m older. The barristers and Office Assistants answered all of my questions about Law and were really helpful. They shared their […]

Work Experience observes a variety of high profile cases in court

Henry, aged 15, comments on the cases he was able to observe in court during his week at Matrix: “My work experience at Matrix was both informative and enjoyable. To start the week I was given the unique opportunity to view the John McCririck versus Channel 4 tribunal. The experience was captivating and gave an […]

How was your Work Experience at Matrix?

“My week at Matrix was both interesting and enjoyable. I have learnt what a barrister does and I visited a court, which taught me what it is like to represent someone in court. I had the chance to have a coffee with a trainee barrister at Matrix, who answered any questions I had and also […]

Sa’ada’s thought-provoking week at Matrix

Last week, Sa’ada, aged 17, joined us for the week. Here is how they found it: “My week at Matrix was highly valuable as I believe it has fuelled my determination to read Law at University and has exhorted me to pursue the barrister profession. I applied for Matrix Work Experience because I wanted to […]