WE keen on being a barrister after week at Matrix

Seamus, aged 16: My week at Matrix was relatively quiet because courts were in recess untill midweek. However, it was still a fascinating experience. Talking with junior barristers Joanna Buckley and Edward Craven allowed me to air any questions I had about the route to the Bar and dispelled some of the myths about the profession. It was a rare opportunity to have an informal discussion about the ins and outs of a modern legal career. I found everyone, both the staff and barristers, very down to earth and approachable; contrary to my initial preconceptions about the legal environment. While it was a quiet week in terms of trials, I did still manage to visit the Magistrate and Supreme Court with barristers Joanna Buckley and Sarah Hannett respectively, to watch their cases. At both these courts and in the Old Bailey on Friday I watched other cases in the public galleries, including the prominent criminal sentencing of Sasha Masamba ‘The Hounslow Slasher’. The seriousness of these cases can of course be intimidating, but the opportunity to observe barristers in full flow was un-missable.

Work experience at Matrix wasn’t all about following barristers around; finding out about how the Practice Team worked day to day was an equally important education. I used work experience at Matrix as a test to see if I was still attracted to the legal profession after I’d experienced it. In that regard, it definitely persuaded me that the barrister route was an option I’d gladly follow, and gave me even more respect for both the staff and members of Matrix Chambers.