Jadesola’s Work Experience diary (aged 17)

My week at Matrix has been fantastic; when I first started on Monday I was told that it may be a quiet week because the barristers and courts were less busy due to the Easter period. However, I can confirm that regardless of this it was not disappointing at all. I applied for Work Experience at Matrix because I have applied to study Law this summer but have had no work experience within the career I would like to join – the Bar. Following this week’s events, work experience at Matrix has not only confirmed that I would like to become a barrister one day, but has also motivated me to work even harder for my exams this summer.

Set out below is a break down and some explanations of what my week at Matrix consisted of:
Monday: I was given time to research a high profile case that Matrix Barrister Clare Montgomery QC was representing, this was an insightful morning. Later on that day I was able to visit Gray’s Inn Library where I saw and flicked through some of the biggest and oldest books I have ever come across; it was successful in showing me what my future Law degree may consist of.

Tuesday: During my second day at Matrix I visited Westminster Magistrates Court with Barrister Joanne Buckley. I did not only get to watch her in court but I was also able to go in and view various other cases. On Tuesday afternoon I spent time preparing myself for another case that I was fortunate enough to observe, this was a planning dispute where the claimant was represented by Matrix Barrister Sarah Hannett.

Wednesday: On Wednesday I had a chance to develop my confidence and communication skills; I made various phone calls to local authorities on behalf of Matrix. On Wednesday afternoon I ‘went out for a coffee’ with Edward Craven of Matrix Chambers. What was even more delightful than the Pret Brownies was the fantastic advice he gave me on working hard to achieve my goal of reaching the Bar.

Thursday: I received even more helpful advice during a short conversation with Joanna Buckley where she shared advice and information on her own journey to becoming a Barrister. Shortly after this I made my way to the Royal Courts of Justice with Sarah Hannett; I had been researching and reading the skeletons for this case since Tuesday. I particularly enjoyed my day on Thursday because I spent the whole day at the Royal Courts of Justice and listened to various cases within the court.

Friday: Friday was another insightful ‘court day’, I spent much of Friday at the Old Bailey where I watched the most explicitly gruesome case I have ever been exposed to. Whilst this proved to be a downside to the legal profession it was a balance of the wonderful week I had at Matrix, in and out of court during the week.