Naveed’s week at Matrix

This week we were joined by Naveed, aged 14, from Romford. He’s provided a quick summary of what he got up to this week whilst on Work Experience here at Matrix.

Day 1: We got introduced to everyone at Matrix and got the grand tour of the building. We also went to the Supreme Court. This was very nice as I recognised the court from the television. We went around the court rooms and we were told where everyone sits, which was great background information. We were then set a task to do; this was to write up an essay on a chosen type of law. I chose Legal Aid and we had to answer these questions:

– how, why and when Legal Aid was invented
– what types of Legal Aid there are
– how Legal Aid has changed over the years
– what the future holds for Legal Aid
– benefits and dangers to clients
– benefits and dangers to solicitors
– benefits and dangers to barristers
– anything else you can find out

Day 2: We went to the central London Employment Tribunal with one of the Matrix barristers, Andrew Smith. This was for almost four hours (!) and was our first time seeing a tribunal.

Day 3: On Wednesday, we were set a task by the Legal Information Team, which was to summarise a couple of cases. This was great as it was helpful for the future because I would love to study Law at University and this is what law students have to do! In the morning we also travelled to the library in Gray’s Inn. It was very pretty and reminded me of Downtown Abbey/Hogwarts! I really loved seeing this as I can imagine myself there in a few years studying law cases hopefully! We also went to two very famous courts, the Royal Court of Justice and the Rolls Building. I really enjoyed it as it was almost like a museum, containing glass cases with law costumes and interesting information about them.

Day 4: On the last day we went to the magistrate’s court in Bank. I REALLY enjoyed this for three reasons: the cases were very easy to follow, I could definitely relate to them as they were family and teenage cases, and they were not very long at all! Case 1 was a case where a refugee from Lebanon living in London had spat on his wife. He got taken to court for domestic abuse and was fined. The second case we saw was a woman studying at East London University and she had stolen a pair of school shoes for her daughter. The last case we saw was a case between two teenage men and two Police Officers. I found them all very interesting and they gave me a good insight in to the law.