Work Experience student now doing the BPTC

Fantastic and detailed account of the journey taken by Suraj (aged 16 at the time), one of our Work Experience students from 2007: “From an early age, I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in law. Having completed work experiences at provincial solicitors firms, I applied for work experience at Matrix Chambers in my first year of college. I was ultimately successful in my application and in the interim period decided to conduct some further research into chambers and the work conducted by its members. My research led me to appreciate the nature, extent and importance of the cases being dealt with by Matrix barristers.

In April 2007 I arrived at Matrix Chambers to undertake my work experience. Despite my initial nervousness, I was immediately made to feel like a member of the team. During the course of the week, I attended two criminal appeals at the Court of Appeal with senior members of chambers. This provided me with an ideal opportunity to develop my legal knowledge and understanding of the appeals process. Additionally, I was engaged in a variety of tasks in chambers, including the management of court judgments and newspaper articles relating to cases in which Matrix barristers had been involved. My time at Matrix Chambers allowed me to understand the importance of work carried out by barristers both in Court and in Chambers.

Despite the degree of contact I had with barristers throughout my experience, on the final day of my experience, I was provided with one further opportunity. I was permitted to converse with a newly qualified barrister and former trainee, in order to discuss the career further and to obtain relevant advice on what to do next, in order to work towards realising such career aspirations.

After completing my experience at Matrix, I have continued to pursue a career at the Bar. Thus, during the course of my academic studies I obtained a paralegal role within a firm of solicitors, which provided me with constant exposure to barristers practicing in criminal law. Furthermore, I undertook successive mini-pupillages at a variety of London chambers. At present, I am studying the Bar Professional Training Course and I am also working towards an LLM in Human Rights Law.

Despite representing my earliest experience of the Bar, my experience at Matrix Chambers was invaluable. The experience allowed me to gain both legal and practical knowledge, yet more importantly inspired me towards a future career at the Bar. I am very grateful to every member of Matrix Chambers for contributing to that experience.”