Jade’s Journey from Matrix to the GDL

What’s Jade up to now? “When I came to do work experience at Matrix 5 years ago, aged 15, I wanted to find out what a legal career was really like, and learn more about the difference between a barrister and a solicitor. I didn’t just spend time in chambers however, I also got to visit the Royal Courts of Justice and see how different legal institutions interacted. Work Experience at Matrix paved the way for me to go on and do mini pupillages in sixth form and is still useful when I submit applications now.

I am now in the final year of a business degree and have decided that the solicitor route is for me. I have a place at the College of Law to do the GDL once I graduate and have obtained a vacation scheme at a large city law firm, as well as interviews for a training contract at two other firms. I have no doubt that my success is founded on years of work experience, that started out at Matrix.”

What a brilliant update! Well done, Jade.