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Tim is a highly regarded specialist in a wide range of practice areas that span the fields of criminal, public, human rights and civil law.

His practice embraces pre-litigation advice, trial and appellate work and he is valued as an advocate with specialist knowledge of the criminal, regulatory and civil law aspects of complex investigations who can provide strategic advice to companies, governments and individuals from the earliest stage through to trial and appeal.  He has appeared in more than 50 appeals to the House of Lords/Supreme Court/Privy Council as well as numerous appeals to the Court of Appeal in both public and criminal law cases, particularly those which raise novel, legally complex issues. He has acted in a wide range of business crime cases (both at trial and appellate level) involving corporate criminal liability, market abuse, bribery/corruption, sanctions offences, cartel offences, frauds of all kinds, insider dealing and other regulatory offences. His clients include FTSE 100 and 250 companies, foreign governments and corporations, individual clients and the DPP (both in the UK and in Hong Kong). He is valued for his team working ability, his approachability, his ability to absorb a mass of complex information, his skills in cross examination and his ability to present difficult arguments to jurors and Judges alike in plain, clear language. He has extensive experience of cases involving an international, cross border dimension and has appeared in the courts of Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands in both civil and criminal cases. In addition to his practice at the Bar, Tim sits as a Deputy High Court Judge in the Administrative Court, he is a Recorder of the Crown Court and an Acting Judge to the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

Tim accepts instructions under the Bar Council Standard Contractual Terms, details of which can be found here.


Tim is ranked by the legal directories as a Leading Silk in 6 practice areas:

Star at the Bar (Chambers & Partners 2015): “’Fantastic advocate Tim Owen QC receives effusive praise for his “incredibly good manner with the court”.  Sources describe him as “a brilliant appellate advocate”, commenting that “he’s really easy to listen to, which makes him such a dangerous opponent”.  His outstanding advocacy skills are shored up by his experience, judgment and strategic prowess, leading peers to characterise him as a “wise tactician” with a very longstanding reputation”.

Financial crime: “He is on top of his game. A consummate team player and tactician”, “an accomplished Silk with a burgeoning corporate fraud practice that covers a multitude of criminal activities” (C&P 2016); “An outstanding lawyer and advocate” (Legal 500 2015); “has an excellent reputation for representing senior individuals who are prosecuted by the SFO, FCA and foreign prosecuting agencies” (C&P 2015), “makes attractive submissions that hit all the right spots” (C&P 2014), “one of the best appellate advocates of his generation” (Legal 500, 2013), “always an extremely tough opponent who is both eloquent and combative in his submissions” (C&P 2013).

Crime (general): “always calm and collected in difficult situations” (C&P 2016), “A strategic thinker” (Legal 500 2015), “has a wealth of experience in handling serious crime cases, including human trafficking and sensitive fraud and corruption matters.  His practice has a notably international outlook” (C&P 2015), “incredibly able and highly intelligent…as an advocate he’s supremely elegant” (C&P 2014), “approachable, extremely bright and tactically spot on” (Legal 500 2013), “one of the most able, quick and clear advocates at the Bar” (Legal 500 2012) “absolutely fantastic and an exceptionally nice man who is beloved of clients” (C&P 2013).

Proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture: “An extremely well-regarded criminal and human rights practitioner who has notable expertise in proceeds of crime matters..highly sought out for legally complex and precedent setting POCA disputes. He’s an impressive lawyer and a skilled advocate..has fantastic client skills and is really good in front of a Judge” (C&P 2016),”A fantastic advocate who is not just a good lawyer but also a fantastic communicator” (C&P 2015), “out on his own in terms of ability for confiscation cases..when he gets up to speak he knows more about confiscation than any Judge” (C&P 2014), “an absolute doyen in the field of criminal confiscation and asset recovery” (C&P 2011).

Administrative and public law: “Outstanding Counsel…has established himself as an expert in regulatory, disciplinary, police and criminal law issues. In difficult public law cases he is able to tell the story while having a real handle on the complex points of law. He gets the presentation spot on and clients have confidence in him. He is the perfect public law barrister, incredibly measured, clear in his drafting and advocacy and is listened to by the courts” (C&P 2016), “He has an incredibly good manner with the court – he is really easy to listen to which makes him such a dangerous opponent” (C&P 2015), “extensive experience handling cases at the highest level” (Legal 500 2015), “brave and relentless with excellent judgment” (C&P 2014), “outstanding analyst” (Legal 500 2013).

Civil liberties and human rights: “his experience in the field makes him a popular choice to work on a wide range of human rights actions..he is very authoritative and informed and has a real gift on his feet.  He can distil the points down to the key issues” (C&P 2016), “A committed and persuasive advocate” (Legal 500 2015), “commands great respect for his civil liberties practice, which incorporates expertise in criminal and public law” (C&P 2015),  “has the ear of the court” (C&P 2014), “able to build a great rapport with Judges” (C&P 2013), “renowned for his focus on human rights and criminal justice where it overlaps with public law, an area in which he’s as good as it gets” (C&P 2011).

Police law: “A distinguished criminal and public law practitioner appearing in trials, judicial reviews and appeals on the topic of police activity…he’s a really good advocate if you have a difficult point of law” (C&P 2016) “He was fantastic.  There were complex points of law and Tim just picked it up and ran with it and got the presentation spot on.  He has a very calm, client friendly manner” (C&P 2016), “Enjoys a sizeable profile and represents clients in actions that give rise to important clarifications of significant points of law.  He has handled a vast amount of judicial reviews in his distinguished career” (C&P 2015).