Everything you need to know about the Leveson Inquiry

The publication of the Leveson Inquiry has dominated the news over the last couple of days.  Edward Craven’s blog – Leveson: One last chance for press self-regulation? A summary of the proposals summarises the key points and is a great starting point for those trying to navigate the report. 
Several members at Matrix have been involved in various aspects of the Inquiry. Hugh Tomlinson QC who gave testimony at the Inquiry, has contributed to "The Lawyer's" coverage of the response to the report. You can follow the coverage here. Hugh also took part in a live online debate as part of a panel of experts for Channel 4 News on the future of British media in the wake of the Leveson report.
Other useful links regarding the Inquiry include:
• BBC News Website
• Advanced Search An inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press: report [Leveson]
Leveson and Legality: implementation of the Report would not be Illegal – Hugh Tomlinson QC
Leveson: police and the media, the proposals – Alex Bailin QC
• Leveson: Executive Summary
• David Cameron's Statement in response to Leveson Inquiry Report
• Nick Clegg's Statement in response to the Leveson Inquiry Report
• Ed Miliband's Statement in response to the Leveson Inquiry Report
• Leveson LJ's Statement on the publication of his Report (video)